Formed by the chance meeting of two of South Wales' finest acts, the Party Bandits are now one of the hottest bands on the wedding and coporate entertainment circuit, filling dance floors and putting the finishing touch to many happy couples' perfect day.

It all began in the heady days of the Summer of 2005 with the formation of Thick as Thieves. A powerhouse fourpiece covers band featuring the incredible blue-eyed soul vocals of Wayne Assiratti, the Thieves would forge a reputation as a formidable live band, playing weddings and clubs the length and breadth of the country.

As the years passed and members came and went - and at least three times came back again - the Thieves realised that what they needed was a lady to join their ranks.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night"

Now, as you're probably aware, Wales has a terrific live music scene and to this day, there are clubs which will feature both a band and a solo act on a Satuday evening. The Thieves had seen more than their fair share of of solo artists and while many were perfectly lovely, they wouldn't have been band material. 

Then one cold, damp evening in Merthyr. The Thieves found what they were looking for in the shape - and more importantly, sound - of a young singer who was introduced only as the enigmatic, "Raven."

Raven had a super sweet voice and fantastic stage presence, the perfect foil for Wayne's strident rock tenor and understated repartie.

Two weeks later and the booking gods - well, our agent - saw fit to pair the Thieves and Raven on the same bill once again. Raven became Emma, and Emma became the co-lead vocalist and Thick as Thieves has morphed into Party Bandits.

"Reach out and touch, somebody's hand"

Now able to add a huge chunk of previously unavailable material to their set, the Party Bandits have gone from strength to strength and have been honoured to play some prestigious gigs in the recent years. They've been humbled too to have been asked back several times. 

Now able to appeal to an even wider audience, the Party Bandits have put together a suite of songs drawn from across the years and genres - from Roy Orbison and Elvis to Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Their live show has been described as like having a living jukebox on stage.

The band are pleased to be able to offer themed sets - including 60s, 70s, 80s, disco and rock - and are always willing to try and accommodate any special requests.

"This is dedicated to the one I love"

If you book the Party Bandits for your wedding, the band will learn a song of your choice for your first dance (or other request) at no extra charge, as a gift to you.

That's not all, the band can provide music to play between sets so there's no need for you to book a DJ to keep your guests partying.

Fully self contained with modern, reliable equipment, lights and instruments, the Party Bandits take you and your guests safety and enjoyment seriously. The band will set-up with minimum disruption and in a timely fashion while keeping the volume to appropriate levels. For yours and the venue's peace of mind, the band also has full public liability insurance.

We'd love to hear from you. Please call Pete on 07515 929935 or Emma on 07961 748911 for a chat about your event and what the Party Bandits can do for you.